A Guide to Styling Your Sideboard

A sideboard could be one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture in most homes. It’s often underrated in the style and makeover stakes to its seniors, the sofas, and the dining table. But it should be a master of functionality, practicality, and elegance. A sideboard can be such a beautiful place and offer endless storage capabilities. In its widely accepted space, the dining room, a sideboard can house an assortment of mugs, collections of china you rarely use, and linen napkins. Give your sideboard the attention it deserves.

Neutral walls and colourful blocks

A structural wall behind a sideboard is a flawless spot for your home art gallery to marvellously present some vintage pieces. Such a design would be a favourite for homeowners who are into moderate industrial interior design. Add a soft feel by including a plain white sofa and several white cushions.

Pop of colour

A statement of colourful painting will add style to an old-school sideboard. Add art items or other cool items such as a vase, a lamp, a bunch of roses, or a bowl next to the painting. This wholesome ensemble will be breathtaking.

Are you an all-white lover? Keep it

An all-white three-sectioned sideboard with push-to-open doors is perfect for your style. Hang a white poster above and couple it with classy objects like candlesticks. Spruce up the whole mix with some plants, so it looks perfect and fresh.

A large-format nature picture

The grains of a wooden rustic sideboard can be quite distractive but create a focal point as well. The image of a wooden, slightly organic piece requires a complement with nature. It also goes well with neutral shades like olive green and grey. Place your favourite ceramics at the top of the sideboard and a mid-century armchair nearby.


A sense of symmetry is priceless to create a formal display or convey a feeling of elegance. Create an elegant display in your living room with twinned lamps on either end of your modern sideboard or with large vases filled with branches or flowers. The form of symmetry created by this arrangement will quickly hit your brain and an innate sense of calm will be immediately conveyed.

Consider mixing up textures either smooth, rough, glossy, mat, and natural fibres with metals when styling your sideboard. Such a mixture of variations will create layers and charm in any house.